Searching, sorting and filtering documents

Document Library Pro makes it quick and easy to find documents. You can see demos of the built-in search, sort and filter options below.

Document table

The document library table view comes with instant AJAX search box, filter dropdowns, and sortable columns. (You can also add filter widgets using FacetWP.)

Diversity Policy

Read about our commitment to equality and diversity.

Joe Bloggs160policies staffprocedures

Create an e-library and add eBooks in any format.

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Payroll Process

Step-by-step instructions on handling payroll.

Katie Keith48processes accountingprocedures
Podcast – Latest Edition

Add downloadable podcasts, or embed them directly into the page like this:

John Smith25audio-videoaudio
Presentation – Employee Dress Code

All employees are expected to look professional and well presented at all times.

Katie Keith12staff policiespresentations
Profit & Loss Account

Profit and loss calculations from the organization’s last audited accounts.

Katie Keith13accounting reportsspreadsheets
Salary Calculator

Download our interactive calculator.

Jane Bloggs4processes accountingresources spreadsheets
Sales History

Sales history report for the previous tax year.

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Sales Leads

A list of current sales leads for the sales team to process.

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Sales Pitch Template

You can upload PowerPoint and other presentations to the document library.

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Document grid

The document grid view comes with an instant AJAX search box. (You can also add filter widgets using FacetWP.)

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Read about our commitment to equality and diversity.

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Either embed your eBook onto the single document page (for example using a WordPress flipbook plugin), or provide a downloadable file.


The handbook contains everything you need to know.

Folder view

When you display documents structured into folders, you can add an optional search box above the top folder. That way, users can choose whether to navigate the folder tree or search all documents:

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