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File Types


Sales Forecast Q3

This Excel file provides a detailed projection of our sales for the third quarter of 2023, complete with trend analysis and market forecasts.

6 KBxlsx
Product Images

This ZIP file contains high-quality images of our latest product lineup, suitable for marketing and promotional uses.

Software Development Toolkit (Dropbox)

A ZIP file containing various resources such as code libraries, testing tools, and documentation for our software development team.

Health and Safety Guidelines

A PDF document containing the company’s health and safety protocols to ensure the welfare of all staff and visitors on premises.

Annual Conference Highlights

This PowerPoint presentation includes the key takeaways, moments, and speaker highlights from our recent annual conference.

33 KBpptx
Business Plan Template

A ready-to-use Word document that helps entrepreneurs draft their business plans effectively, detailing every aspect required for a comprehensive business plan.

7 KBdocx
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

This Excel file breaks down the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey, revealing insights about our performance and areas for improvement.

Marketing Strategy

This PDF provides a comprehensive overview of our planned marketing efforts for the next fiscal year, including targets, channels, and key messages.

Company Profile Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of our company’s history, core values, mission, and services.

33 KBpptx
Product Catalog

This Excel file lists all our current products, complete with their detailed specifications, pricing information, and relevant SKUs.

6 KBxlsx
Annual Financial Report 2023

This PDF document contains a comprehensive review of our financial performance over the past year, including income, expenditures, and key financial ratios.

Meeting Notes

You can upload almost any file type to your document library. This is an example TXT …

39 Btxt
Balance Sheet

Download the balance sheet from the organization’s last audited accounts. Document Library Pro supports all spreadsheet file formats.

6 KBxlsx
Staff Briefing

You can preview images, PDFs, videos, and audio files.

218 KBjpg

Either embed your eBook onto the single document page (for example using a WordPress flipbook plugin), or provide a downloadable file.

, 10 KBPDF
Useful Website

Instead of having downloadable documents, you can link to any URL.

Employee Handbook (Dropbox)

The handbook contains everything you need to know.

, , 0.5GBPDF
Awesome Sales Techniques (YouTube)

You can host your videos on a third party platform like YouTube:

, , www
Training Course – Audio

Add downloadable audio files, or embed audio directly into the document library like this:

2 MBmp3
Team Day – Video

Create a WordPress video library – with downloadable videos, embedded video players, or links to third party video platforms.

11 MBmp4
Thoughts Journal

Create an e-library and add eBooks in any format.

, 10 KBPDF
Audio Podcast

Add downloadable podcasts, or embed them directly into the page like this:

383 KBm4a
Sales History

Sales history report for the previous tax year.

100 Bcsv
Profit & Loss Account

Profit and loss calculations from the organization’s last audited accounts.

6 KBxlsx
Diversity Policy

Read about our commitment to equality and diversity.

Training Policy

All staff undergo a comprehensive training program.

7 KBdocx
Sales Pitch Template

You can upload PowerPoint and other presentations to the document library.

, 460 KBkey
Presentation – Employee Dress Code

All employees are expected to look professional and well presented at all times.

33 KBpptx
Salary Calculator

Download our interactive calculator.

, 133 KBnumbers
Payroll Process

Step-by-step instructions on handling payroll.

90 KBpages
Sales Leads

A list of current sales leads for the sales team to process.

85 Btxt